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The Neighborhood Academy Announces One-Year
Affiliation Agreement with Milton Hershey School
The Neighborhood Academy, a college preparatory independent day school serving grades 6-12 in Pittsburgh, is pleased to announce a new affiliation with Milton Hershey School (Hershey, PA). 
The Neighborhood Academy and Milton Hershey School share a commitment to helping children and families break the cycle of poverty with a holistic approach to education. Both schools integrate a traditional academic curriculum with health, wellness, character and leadership development and other key services and resources for success outside of the classroom.
At The Neighborhood Academy, resources for students and their families include: a college preparatory curriculum with rigorous and comprehensive academics, an extended school day, year-round programming, three meals a day, transportation to and from school, counseling services for health and wellness and continued support for alumni. Both Milton Hershey School and The Neighborhood Academy understand the importance of guiding students toward their chosen college or career path by offering additional support and training. 
The affiliation agreement will allow the schools to collaborate and share best practices and resources to support their respective missions. For the next year, the schools will share their human capital and technical and physical resources, including professional development for faculty and staff, student recruiting, and student, faculty and staff exchange programs. Milton Hershey School has had similar agreements with independent schools and colleges serving low-income students. It also founded the Coalition of Residential Excellence to encourage schools with similar missions to provide support and guidance to one another in order to better serve students struggling to overcome the impact poverty has on education.
“Since our founding in 2001, The Neighborhood Academy has worked alongside our families to provide our students with the skills, resources and education they need. This partnership will allow us to advance our mission in new exciting ways to better support the students we serve,” said Charlie Ferrara, The Neighborhood Academy Board Chair.  “Milton Hershey School shares the desire to make an investment in each child in order to create an environment that promotes student success, both academically and personally, and ensures positive graduate outcomes.”
Established in 1909, Milton Hershey School is a tuition-free, private residential school serving low-income students in grades pre-K-12. Milton Hershey School currently serves more than 2,000 students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. It is in the midst of an ambitious plan to serve more students, with construction underway on its Legacy Campus in South Hanover Township. Three-hundred additional students from low-income backgrounds are slated for enrollment by the 2022-23 school year.
“For 109 years, Milton Hershey School’s unique whole child approach to education has helped students reach their full potential,” said Peter G. Gurt ‘85, Milton Hershey School President. “Partnerships like this one with The Neighborhood Academy allow us to serve even more students. By sharing what has brought us such great success with others who have made it their life’s work to counter the impact poverty has on children, we extend the Hersheys’ legacy even further. When presented with an exceptional opportunity to share Milton Hershey School’s expertise, we always try to heed that call when we are able to do so.”