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Meet the Event Chairs | Shevey & Annie Westbrook

July 09, 2021
By Jonathan Winkler

Meet the Event Chairs  |  Shevey & Annie Westbrook

Annie was born and raised in Pittsburgh! She majored in mathematics at The University of Pennsylvania, and upon graduating, she moved to Atlanta, GA, to teach high school math at Woodward Academy. In 2003 she returned to Pittsburgh to attend the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.  

“After receiving my MBA, I started banking at Mellon Bank, moved onto TriState Capital Bank and now currently work for CIBC Bank USA out of the Frick Building downtown!” said Annie.  “I am a Managing Director assisting middle market businesses with their financial needs from working capital lines of credit to term financing to managing risk via interest rate and commodity derivatives,” she continued.

Shevey grew up in Mt. Union, PA. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelor’s degree in Material Science and Engineering, he moved to Atlanta and joined a specialty chemical company as a polymer and process development engineer.  Annie and Shevey met on a soccer field in Atlanta!

“After 4 years in Atlanta, I made the decision to join Annie in Pittsburgh, where we subsequently got married, have 3 wonderful children, became part owners of Allegheny Performance Plastics, and live as quiet as a life as possible in Aspinwall!” said Shevey.

Prior to the full concept of TNA coming to life in 2001, Reverend Tom Johnson ran a summer program out of various churches across Pittsburgh. Annie tutored the students in math for multiple summers.

“I enjoyed every student I got to know and every interaction we had… I learned as much from my students as they learned from me!” she said.

When Annie and Shevey returned to Pittsburgh, they found ways to reengage with TNA: serving dinner to students with their Sunday school class, tutoring math, and hosting fundraising events.
“I remember Anne suggesting that we lend a hand at TNA with dinner service one evening, and since then I have been a proud supporter of TNA and all that it is,” said Shevey. 

Annie was even on the bank team that secured financing for construction of TNA’s current campus on North Aiken Avenue! 
“Talk about serendipity! I am now serving on the Board at TNA and pleased to be serving in a more consistent and impactful way.” she said.

The 2021 Speaker Series

Annie and Shevey believe that Wes is someone we can all learn lessons from with regard to the many struggles that life can present along the way, but also a strong example of the fulfillment that can be achieved if we are determined to stay the course. They also believe that Moore is directly relatable with many of TNA’s students.

“Wes is one in a million… I have now read a handful of Wes Moore’s books and could not be more convinced that the core of who Wes is aligns with everything TNA is working so hard to establish with its students,” said Annie. “I look forward to our students interacting with Wes and taking away strong life lessons from his presence and his words.”