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The Neighborhood Academy has expanded its facility to include a middle school for an all-boys grades 6-8 program.


Why build a middle school and begin serving boys in grades 6-8? For several reasons:
  • According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, seven local middle schools are consdered "Failing" (as of 2015);
  • The graduation rates for African-American males are 59% and 16% for high school and college, respectively, indicating a need for a holistic educational model that meets their needs;
  • Parents, donors, and community members have consistently and unanimously asked us to expand the scope of our efforts; and
  • Most elementary schools in the region break at 5th grade, thereby creating another logical point of admission to our school.
What do grades 6-8 look like? They are designed to:
  • Tap into the unique way that adolescent boys learn. Engaging in a comprehensive, intentional course of study that spirals into our Upper School curriculum, students in our 6th and 7th grade experience a curriculum that prepares them for the academic rigors they will face in later grades, features hands-on, STEM-oriented learning in a dedicated 'maker space', and a focus on character formation.
How does the expansion affect the school as a whole? The campaign is strengthening our school by:
  • Preparing and acculturating students for our college-preparatory curriculum, thereby increasing retention and college readiness;
  • Serving our existing constituency, and giving families with younger boys the opportunity to send all of their children to TNA; and
  • Allowing us to raise funds for the purpose of retiring debt on our existing building, thereby making the school debt-free.


To inquire about grade 6-8 Admissions and enrolling your son:
  • Contact Shannon Prentiss at  (412) 362-2006

 To inquire about our grades 6-8 All-Boys Program:
Contact Brent Jernigan at (412) 362-2001 ex. 109