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The Neighborhood Academy 

The Neighborhood Academy, comprised of a middle school and high school, is designed to remove every barrier that prevents young people from thinking about their futures and the steps needed to achieve their goals. Our holistic set of programs ensures that all issues affecting young people are addressed. Students who cross our threshold enter into a tight-knit network of concerned adults who constantly evaluate their progress; in return they commit to valuing their education, setting new habits of heart and mind, and growing into adults with character who will contribute to their communities.   

We provide the following set of resources to our students and families, all of whom receive a full scholarship: 

  • A college-preparatory curriculum with an emphasis on critical thinking, hands-on learning, and ethical reflection;
  • Small class sizes, with a 10:1 or smaller student-to-teacher ratio; 
  • Summer programming to retain and advance critical knowledge that is often lost through traditional summer breaks;
  • Three meals a day;
  • Transportation to and from school;
  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Career development and financial literacy programs;
  • Continuous exposure to the college experience, with visits to more than 30 different college campuses, preparation for college entrance exams, and intensive guidance throughout the college application process;
  • Assistance with emergency needs such as medical care; and
  • Continued support for alumni through college and beyond.