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  Name Title Group
Michael Arrington Arrington, Michael Male Counselor, Chaplain
Melody Clausen Clausen, Melody Science Instructor
Jonathan DeBor DeBor, Jonathan English Instructor, Director of Technology
Alfred Diggs Diggs, Alfred Head Chef
Ronika Frank Frank, Ronika Director of Administration
Barbara Hall Hall, Barbara Business Manager
Kathryn Hardy Hardy, Kathryn History Instructor, Humanities Senior Seminar, Humanities Department Chair
Thomas Harrison Harrison, Thomas Facilities Manager
Meredythe Hlasnik Hlasnik, Meredythe
Lacey Horvat Horvat, Lacey History Instructor
Brent Jernigan Jernigan, Brent Assistant Head for Academics
Rosetta Johnson Johnson, Rosetta Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Kane Kane, Jennifer Reading & Writing Instructor, Director of the Writing Center
Debbie Krochka Krochka, Debbie Director of Counseling Services
Mark Kurtzrock Kurtzrock, Mark Executive-in-Residence
Talia Landerman Landerman, Talia Development Specialist
Carly LaScola LaScola, Carly Events, Marketing & Development Specialist
John McClelland McClelland, John Director of Discipline & Student Life, Health Instructor
Maleita Moffitt Moffitt, Maleita Math Instructor
Jeff Monsma Monsma, Jeff Civics, Religion Instructor
Diane Nutbrown Nutbrown, Diane Science Instructor, Science Senior Seminar Instructor
Abbey Mae Pitcher Pitcher, Abbey Mae Science Instructor
Shannon Prentiss Prentiss, Shannon Director of Admissions
Sheila Rawlings Rawlings, Sheila Director of Development
Joe Roenker Roenker, Joe Art Instructor
Carolyn Sanford Sanford, Carolyn Assistant Head for Development
Jason Scott Scott, Jason Math & Physics Instructor, Math Senior Seminar, Math & Science Department Chair
Gary Shawley Shawley, Gary Language Arts, Reading & Writing Instructor & Athletic Director
Ravit Shpiez Shpiez, Ravit Spanish Instructor, Arts Connection Director
Erin Simpson Simpson, Erin Math Instructor
Ron Snyder Snyder, Ron History and English Instructor
James Turner Turner, James Assistant Cook
Fred Underwood Underwood, Fred Paraprofessional
Anthony Williams Williams, Anthony Head of School
Shante Wright Wright, Shante Paraprofessional