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The Neighborhood Academy’s academic model is based on the following principles:
Commitment to literacy
Our goal is to foster the ability within our students to actively read, think critically, and analyze thoroughly.
Commitment to privileged skills
Our goal is to foster the academic skills that are shared by all disciplines, including annotation, note taking, graphic organization, vocabulary development, text summarization, deep questioning, and higher order thinking.
Commitment to writing
Our goal is to foster excellent writing skills, which we achieve through year-long projects at every grade level, including the 8th grade Literature paper (1-2 pages), the 9th grade Literature paper (2-4 pages), the 10th grade World Religion paper (5-9 pages), the 11th grade US History paper (10-12 pages), the 11th grade Chemistry paper (10-12 pages), and Senior Seminar in the 12th grade (15-20 pages).
Commitment to both STEAM and the liberal arts
Our goal is to give our students a comprehensive, rigorous college- preparatory education with a balanced focus on both STEAM and the liberal arts. In order for our students to achieve success in both college and the workplace, it is critical to engage them with a well-rounded curriculum across multiple disciplines that teaches them how to think  about and apply their knowledge both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Commitment to remediation
Our goal is to remediate all of our students’ academic deficiencies, both by filling content knowledge and by bridging skill deficits, so that every student can fully engage our college-preparatory curriculum. 
Commitment to our students’ moral, spiritual, and intellectual growth
Our goal is to offer a holistic approach toward education, so that our students learn and grow not just as scholars, but as members of their families and communities.