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The senior capstone experience at The Neighborhood Academy is a year-long independent research project called Senior Seminar. The goal of Senior Seminar is to replicate the demands of a first-year, college-level seminar with a 15+ page thesis, followed by an hour-long oral defense. For our students it is the culmination of years of work, and it is a shining example of the academic excellence of which they are capable. 
This excellence has also been recognized by the Journal of Emerging Investigators, a publication run by graduate students at Harvard University. Please click below to read the wonderful work some of our students have had published in JEI.

Sports are not Colorblind: The Role of Race and Segregation in NFL Positions - Charles Coleman, Class of 2018

The Effect of Lyrical and Instrumental Music on Reading Comprehension Tasks - DaNaesha Herring, Class of 2018

Namaste to Wellbeing? The Effect of Yoga on the Health of African American High School Students - Briauna McClendon, Class of 2017

Extroverts as Materialists: Correlating Personality Traits, Materialism, and Spending Behavior - Alexis Jackson, Class of 2016

Investigating Teen Audism: The Development and Use of a Survey Scale to Measure Misconceptions of the Deaf Community in a Hearing High School - Cheyne Francis, Class of 2016

The Relationship between Close-range Shooting Distance and Nitrite Patterns on Cotton and Polyester Clothing - Cydney J.C. Francis, Class of 2016