The Neighborhood Academy is a truly exceptional learning community that values character development, the self-respect that comes through hard work, academic achievement, and responsibility to and for the community. Our students learn to think well, write well, and speak well, all with an eye to a future when they will live well. The results of our commitment are simply extraordinary —

100% of our seniors are accepted to college, and 64% graduate from college in five years or less (well above the national average)!


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What I Learned About Raising Kids

My kids are grown now! My youngest is 25, but I still question, if I did the right things along the way.  They say hindsight is 20/20 vision, but not always.  My kids’ stories are still being written.  I think I avoided some landmines, at least I hope I have, but some well, I’m not so sure.    For starters, let’s talk about creating life habits for children.  One statement that my mother drilled into me was “undiscip ...

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