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Alumni Highlight | Jamar Robinson

March 04, 2024
By Jonathan Winkler

TNA Class of 2021
Jamar Robinson

Jamar has written his own personal code for a successful future. Currently a third-year student at Slippery Rock University, Jamar majors in Computing with a concentration in Information Technology (IT) and has a minor in both Information Systems and Business Administration. Aside from his academics, Jamar is involved in campus clubs and even dabbles in graphic design.

“I aim to one day land a job in web development or IT. IT is a wide field and would allow me to work with either computer hardware or computer software,” he said. “Whatever I do in the future, it has to involve my ‘big three’: computing, business, and creativity.”

To satisfy his creative side, Jamar does graphic design for club social media posts and his friend’s clothing brand. He also works on personal graphic design projects as well.
At the university, he is the President of the Black Action Society, and he is the Public Relations Chair for the school’s Kings Organization, which mentors and creates programming for Black men on campus.

“The Black Action Society is a student-run club that spearheads racial injustices and promotes the lifestyle of Black students in a predominantly white institution,” he said. “As president, I have a lot of responsibilities and must address and schedule important things that come up all the time. I’ve realized that leadership is something you have to dive in and do in order to learn and understand it.”

In his pursuit of excellence, Jamar reads many self-help books and takes wisdom from Curtis James Jackson III, also known professionally as rapper 50 Cent.

“50 Cent inspires me the most – he splits himself between his rapper persona and his business self. Back in 2007, he earned millions of dollars through his partnership with Vitamin Water,” said Jamar. “He is not just a rapper, he is a business mogul, and I’m inspired by the way he carries himself.”

A quote from 50 Cent’s book Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter sticks with Jamar, and he uses it to remind himself to never let an idea stay an idea; that it is important to take action.

“When ideas only live in your mind, it is easy for you to lose track of them. Even if they’re extremely powerful, they get lost in the stream of new information that’s constantly entering your head.”