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Supporters Corner | The Reverend Karie Charlton

March 04, 2024
By Jonathan Winkler

The Reverend Karie Charlton


The Reverend Karie Charlton of Green Tree was the Associate Pastor at Third Presbyterian Church from 2014 to 2023, and her personal vocation has always benefited the students and mission of The Neighborhood Academy.

Third Presbyterian Church was an ‘Over The Bridge’ donor which supports the cost of educating a student for three years. Rev. Charlton always had a special connection with their sponsored student, Anthony Duckett ‘20.

“The church has a community bulletin board, and anytime I saw Anthony featured on social media or had any news about him, I would post it on the board,” said Rev. Charlton. “Anthony was a very bright student, won science awards, and was on the basketball team. I would meet with him at TNA’s graduations at Third Presbyterian Church, and even went to a Pirates game with him.”

“Rev. Tom Johnson’s father was the previous sexton at Third Presbyterian Church. I always heard stories of Tom wearing his football pads and running the stairs of the church for condition training when he was in high school,” said Rev. Charlton. “It was always fun when he visited the building as an adult. He always had a story to tell – the man is a legend.”

Like many, Rev. Charlton’s favorite memory of TNA is walking through the doors of the academic building and being greeted by the students, faculty, and staff.

“Someone at the door is always happy to see you at TNA. When I first walked into the school, I was greeted by name, offered a beverage, and took a tour,” said Rev. Charlton. “The students glow! And it is clear that the building is very special to them.”

After meeting with TNA’s former Director of Counseling Services, Debbie Krochka, and former English Instructor, Jennifer Kane, Rev. Charlton got involved in TNA’s chapel services, teacher orientation, and teaching menstrual health to the female students.

Rev. Charlton has been donating to The Neighborhood Academy through automatic monthly donations since 2017.

“My TNA donation leaves my bank account on the same day my paycheck arrives. For me, giving isn’t a sacrifice, and with automatic donations, I don’t even notice!” said Rev. Charlton. “I live in abundance of what remains after giving.”

Please contact Landis Erwin, Director of Development, at 412-626-6851 x104 or if you are interested in setting up automatic monthly donations.