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Supporters Corner | Sally Ann Bensur

May 22, 2023
By Jonathan Winkler

Sally Ann Bensur


Sally Ann Bensur has worn many hats in her professional life and now wears many hats in her support of The Neighborhood Academy. Sally Ann retired from BNY Mellon after 30 years doing everything from strategic sales and corporate relationship management, to treasury management and consulting. After two years of retirement, she returned to the workforce at The Boys and Girls Club of America, where she developed cause marketing partnerships with corporate clients. Today, Sally Ann dedicates her time, treasure, and leadership skills to TNA.  

“Take one  guess who got me involved with TNA in 2012. It should come as no surprise it was Jodie Moore! My husband, Bill and I attended a cocktail party at a mutual friend’s home, where I was introduced to Jodie. Naturally, the conversation turned to TNA, and she asked me if I was familiar with the school. After a few minutes of infectious conversation about TNA, Jodie invited me to visit the school and take a tour.  For those who know Jodie, they will understand when I say I couldn’t say “no” to her invitation!. At the conclusion of my tour, Jodie and I sat for a few minutes discussing my impressions: It was clear TNA was doing something very special for kids.  I walked out of the building with a pledge form in hand, ready to sign,” said Sally Ann.

From then on, Sally Ann served on several Nancy & Paul O’Neill Speaker Series’ Host Committees, the Development Committee and chaired the Nominating and Governance Committee. Today, she plays an important role on the Board of Directors and in TNA’s Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS) accreditation process.

“My favorite memory of the school was when Bill and I hosted an event at our home to introduce our friends and neighbors to TNA.  We were joined by a current TNA student, Elijia, who spoke briefly and eloquently about TNA and the impact it had on his life.  So impactful were his words that several guests gave us checks for TNA as they departed for the evening.  The story is just that compelling.”

Sally Ann and Bill continue their support for TNA through the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program, where they redirect their PA State tax liability to approved schools such as TNA and receive a 90% PA tax credit.

“Bill and I used to ‘sprinkle the infield’ with our charitable giving and gave to many deserving organizations that needed financial support. With such fragmented gift giving, we weren’t sure about the impact we were making. Consequently, we decided to consolidate our gifts and contribute one major gift to a special institution,” she said. “The EITC program makes it so much easier to give at higher levels, and it’s a win-win for the taxpayer and TNA. We love supporting TNA. It is certainly the place that continues to stand out and where we have tangible evidence our contributions have the greatest impact.”